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Meetings & Reporting Calendar

Welcome to the Reporting Calendar section of Atomo Diagnostics, where we ensure our investors and stakeholders are well-informed about our scheduled financial disclosures throughout the year. This dedicated space is designed to provide a clear and organised overview of all upcoming financial reporting dates, including the release of our annual reports, interim statements, and quarterly updates.

At Atomo Diagnostics, we understand the importance of transparency and punctuality in financial reporting. Our calendar is meticulously planned to align with regulatory requirements and best practices, ensuring that all stakeholders have timely access to our financial performance and strategic insights.

The Reporting Calendar serves as a crucial tool for investors, analysts, and the broader financial community, offering a predictable schedule for our financial communications. It highlights our commitment to maintaining an open and consistent dialogue with our stakeholders, ensuring that everyone has the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding their engagement with Atomo Diagnostics.

We invite you to bookmark this page and refer to our Reporting Calendar regularly to stay updated on our financial reporting events. It is our commitment to provide you with accurate and timely information, reflecting our ongoing dedication to operational excellence and strategic growth in the healthcare diagnostics sector.

2024 Annual General Meeting


Key Dates

Event Date
Quarterly Activity Report (Q3) 30 April 2024
Quarterly Activity Report (Q4) 31 July 2024
FY24 Report 30 August 2024